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"Freedom Calls to those who listen" - Adora Aiza


Energy Activation Music

Energy Activation Music

How to Use the Songs

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Finally get over your ex and anyone else  who has made you feel heartbroken or ready to give up on Love.  This song is arranged to take your energy from helpless frustration to empowerment and epic life creation.  Let them go and set yourself free.

Open your subconscious to a pure form of love.  Religions set guidelines that help govern the conscious mind. Some of the benefits include building community, kindness, and life purpose.  However, to embody love beyond separation, unconditional compassion, and a connection with someone beyond the flesh, we must connect directly to the source and our higher vibrational selves.

Often times people give up on their desires right before they manifest physically into their lives.  This song is to encourage vivid dreams and open up your heart's truest desires so that you can more easily match with the frequency.  The process of calling in love is: knowing what you want, believing it exists, and joyously calling it in. This song is crafted to help you feel allow in love.

If anyone has ever told you that you must choose between a life full of genuine love or a wildly successful career, then this reprograming song is for you.   Replace the doubtful voices in your head with chants for a love life that makes you feel sexually ignited and on top of your professional ambitions at the same time.  The song is created to unlock contridictory beliefs and to encourage your subconscious mind to work for you.

Love Magnetic Energy Activation

Adora Aiza

Sometimes it isn't you. Stagnant energy loops can block you from romance.

Because we know that you deserve to love and to be loved in such a way that your world & the world around you shine brighter, we've tapped into ways to make your energy flow.  Now, to higher vibes we go!

Adora Aiza's signature with some Egyptian symbols over the letters that refer to her as The Queen Goddess of Energy
Logo of Adora Aiza's company, Energy Masters.  It is a person with a heart as the third eye and a star shaped crown that is giving and receiving energy while the figure seems to be in a meditative state and the word Energy on top and Masters underneath
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About Adora Aiza
Radiant image of Adora Aiza in a vibrant silk green dress

They call her,
The Queen Goddess
of Energy

Get to Know

Adora Aiza, is a multifaceted energy alchemist and empowerment advocate.  Adora intertwines music, quantum mechanic principals, and timeless rituals to guide individuals toward power couple relationships aligned with their soul's desires and life purpose. Her work, through music, ceremony, and writing is known for being the catalyst that amplifies people’s magnetism, fosters meaningful connections, and cultivates a love that resonates with the core of one's being.

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