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Change your energy change your love life.

At Energy Masters, we value the importance of personalized guidance. Adora's unique energy work is finely tuned to your individual needs. The application process allows us to gain insights into your current energetic state, ensuring that Adora can provide you with the most effective path forward. 

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Please answer the questions based on your present beliefs to ensure the best possible outcome for your journey towards attracting a supportive soulmate.

Love Magnetic Energy Activation

Adora Aiza

Sometimes it isn't you. Stagnant energy loops can block you from romance.

Because we know that you deserve to love and to be loved in such a way that your world & the world around you shine brighter, we've tapped into ways to make your energy flow.  Now, to higher vibes we go!

Adora Aiza's signature with some Egyptian symbols over the letters that refer to her as The Queen Goddess of Energy
Logo of Adora Aiza's company, Energy Masters.  It is a person with a heart as the third eye and a star shaped crown that is giving and receiving energy while the figure seems to be in a meditative state and the word Energy on top and Masters underneath

Energy Activation Music

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Are you ready to increase your options for romance and to attract people who are in harmony with your soul's desires and life purpose?

Fill out the questionnaire to see if Energy Activation can help you meet your soulmate.

Want your Activation conducted face to face with The Queen Goddess of Energy. Ask about an  Energy Make-Over in your home/office, romantic love block removal,  release energy of your ex and an Activation of yourself as well as one mini activation for an item.  

Mock up of Adora Aiza's book Love Resolutions 2024
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Strategies to Turn Heartbreak
Into Fulfilling Romance for the New Year

About Adora Aiza
Radiant image of Adora Aiza in a vibrant silk green dress

They call her,
The Queen Goddess
of Energy

Get to Know

Adora Aiza, is a multifaceted energy alchemist and empowerment advocate.  Adora intertwines music, quantum mechanic principals, and timeless rituals to guide individuals toward power couple relationships aligned with their soul's desires and life purpose. Her work, through music, ceremony, and writing is known for being the catalyst that amplifies people’s magnetism, fosters meaningful connections, and cultivates a love that resonates with the core of one's being.

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